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Founded in 1947, the South Dakota Health Information Management Association is a component state association (CSA) of the American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA).

AHIMA is the premier association of health information management (HIM) professionals worldwide. Serving 52 affiliated component state associations and more than 103,000 health information professionals, it is recognized as the leading source of “HIM knowledge,” a respected authority for rigorous professional education and training.

The purpose of this association is to promote the art and science of health information management and to improve the quality of comprehensive health information service for the welfare of the public in the State of South Dakota.

SDHIMA is affiliated with the South Dakota Association of Healthcare Organizations, an association of hospitals, long term care facilities, and other healthcare professional groups. SDAHO, with offices in Sioux Falls, SD, provides clerical support and informational resources, as well as being actively involved in healthcare legislative and policy issues in South Dakota.

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To become a member of SDHIMA, you must join the American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA) and select South Dakota as your Component State Association (CSA).

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