Past Presidents


Past President



2017Stacy Reck Prairie Lakes HealthcareWatertown
2016LeAnne Bouma Sanford HealthSioux Falls
2015Kathy Andersen DT-Trak Consulting, Inc.Miller
2014Sheila Hargens Avera Mitchell
2013Julie HuweAvera HealthSioux Falls
2012Natalie Bertsch, RHITDT-Trak Consulting, Inc.Miller
2011Stacy Reck, RHIAPrairie Lakes Healthcare SystemWatertown
2010Laura Moller, RHITDorsett Regional Senior CareSpearfish
2009Kristi Osthus, RHIAPrairie Lakes HealthcareWatertown
2008Debra Dethlefsen, RHIAGood Samaritan SocietySioux Falls
2007Jennifer Gholson, RHITRapid City Regional HospitalRapid City
2006DeAnne Kribell, RHITPioneer Memorial HospitalViborg
2005Kathy Dorale, RHIAAvera HealthSioux Falls
2004Renae Spohn, RHIAGood Samaritan SocietySioux Falls
2003Christal Pummel, RHITLookout Memorial HospitalSpearfish
2002LeAnne Bouma, RHIASioux Valley Hospital
University Medical Center
Sioux Falls
2001Val Royal, RHITHuron Regional Medical CenterHuron
2000Joyce Havlik, RHIADakota State UniversityMadison
1999Jane Klemme, RHIAConsultantHeron
1998Betty Hieb, RRAQueen of Peace HospitalMitchell
1997Dorine Bennett, RRADakota State UniversityMadison
1996Vicki Carsrud, ARTSioux Valley HospitalSioux Falls
1995Sara Delahoyde, ARTLookout Memorial HospitalSpearfish
1994Joelyne Sherley, RRASt. Luke’s Midland HospitalAberdeen
1993Betty Hieb, RRAQueen of Peace HospitalMitchell
1992Jessica Kropuenske, RRAPresentation Health SystemSioux Falls
1991Joanne Powell, ARTGood Samaritan SocietySioux Falls
1990Carol Person, RRASioux Valley HospitalSioux Falls
1989Patti Carstensen-Brooks, RRAQueen of Peace HospitalMitchell
1988Glendene Murphy, ARTSt. Benedict Health SystemParkston
1987Jessica Kropuenske, RRAPresentation Health SystemSioux Falls
1986Olive Grimsrud, ARTDay County HospitalWebster
1985Joanne Powell, ARTPioneer Memorial HospitalViborg
1984Nova Holbeck, RRASioux Valley HospitalSioux Falls
1983Betty Hieb, ARTSt. Michael’s HospitalTyndall
1982Kent Simonis, RRAVA HospitalSioux Falls
1981Jean Larsen, RRASt. Luke’s HospitalAberdeen
1980Lora DeWald, RRADakota State CollegeMadison
1979Kay Engberg, ARTHuron Regional Medical CenterHuron
1978Diane Lacek, RRADakota Midland HospitalAberdeen
1977Ellen Bilstein, RRASioux Valley HospitalSioux Falls
1976Carol Johnson, RRASt. Luke’s HospitalAberdeen
1975Jolane Huber, ARTSacred Heart HospitalYankton
1974Derrold Hofer, RRASioux Valley HospitalSioux Falls
1973Margaret Backnik, RRAPublic Health ServiceAberdeen
1971Mary Loos, RRLSt. John’s HospitalHuron
1969Sr. Winifred, RRLSt. John’s McNamaraRapid City
1967Helen Rice, RRLSt. Luke’s HospitalAberdeen
1965Sr. Sheila, RRLSt. Mary’s HospitalPierre
1963Sr. Marifilia, RRLSt. John’s HospitalHuron
1961Mary Anne Fox, RRLFt. MeadeRapid City
1959Sr. Winifred, RRLSt. John’s McNamaraRapid City
1957Mabel Ritz, RRLBartron ClinicWatertown
1955Sr. Silveria, RRLSacred Heart HospitalYankton
1953Sr. Geraldine, RRLMcKennan HospitalSioux Falls
1952Helen Rice, RRLSt. Luke’s HospitalAberdeen
1950Harriet Smith, RRLSioux Valley HospitalSioux Falls
1948Sr. Lelia, RRLSt. Joseph HospitalMitchell
1947Susan A. Tyson, RRLMethodist State HospitalMitchell


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