Call for Volunteers

As you are aware, SDHIMA Member volunteers are an important part of our association. We’ve appreciated your help in the past and hope you can help again. There are over 300 members in our association however, we would like to increase the number of volunteers and need YOUR support. The benefits of volunteering offer opportunities that can help you and your component state association thrive.

I’m making a plea for volunteers to SDHIMA members.

SDHIMA is looking for three members to be part of the nominating committee. This committee is made up of a chairperson and two other members. The committee will be responsible for preparing a ballot of nominees of the election of officers and directors. This is a one-year commitment (which is almost over) If you are interested in volunteering for this committee please contact Julie Wulf Plimpton at

As the nomination committee, you will be looking for the following positions for the July 1, 2022 – June 2023 term. President-Elect, which is a one-year term that transitions into the President the following year and serves as the Past President, is a 3-year position. Director of Education and Secretary are two-year commitments.

If the nominating committee is not for you, perhaps you would like to nominate yourself or an SDHIMA member for one of the positions listed above.

Being a part of the SDHIMA Board is a fun way to meet and network with HIM professionals in SD.

Please consider volunteering.


Julie Wulf Plimpton
SDHIMA President