The Achievement Awards program is a South Dakota Health Information Management Association award program honoring outstanding individuals who go above and beyond what it takes to be a Health Information professional in today’s evolving Health Information field.

SDHIMA is proud to honor excellence, dedication and service of those professionals whose steadfast efforts have bettered the health information management (HIM) field. These honors are a celebration of outstanding accomplishments which will be known as the Achievement Awards.

The Achievement Awards are state awards designed to recognize those special individuals who have made a difference in the HIM profession. This awards program was developed in 2004 as part of a campaign to recognize individuals who have made a difference in the HIM profession in the state of South Dakota. State awards are similar to the awards honored on the national level, known as the Triumph Awards. The Triumph Awards honor leadership in the HIM field, reward contributions that build our knowledge base, recognize excellence in preparing future HIM professionals, and encourage fresh and new leadership. These same qualities will be the basis of the State Achievement Awards program established/redesigned in 2004-2005.

HIM professionals awarded a state award that is also recognized on the national level, will automatically advance to a nomination at the national level. If no such award exists on the National level, the committee will determine if the individual meets the qualifications of a similar award on the national level. The individual, who nominated the HIM individual for a state award, is encouraged to assist with the nomination process on the national level. The SDHIMA board will assist with the nomination process on the national level to see that the documents are completed and sent to AHIMA prior to deadlines.

Achievement Awards will be awarded during the SDAHO convention held in the fall of each year. Nominations for state awards will be due in April and winners will be notified in July which will provide enough time to prepare for nomination to the national level, usually due in June. Changes to these time frames will be published in the SDHIMA Newsletter or an e-mail notice to the members.

Developed in support of AHIMA 9-20-04; Revised 2-28-05; Revised 6-27-05