Award Process and Application


The SDHIMA State Achievement Awards will be the basis for recognizing outstanding members of SDHIMA who demonstrate extraordinary talents and qualities honorable on a state level and potentially a national level.


All nominations must be submitted using the SDHIMA State Achievement Awards Nomination Form completed in its entirety. Nominations must follow the nomination guidelines and must include the supporting materials
listed below.

SDHIMA acknowledges the position of the national association, AHIMA and the tools developed on a national level to develop and support the SDHIMA award description and guidelines whenever possible. State awards developed in this policy which mirror the national awards, may advance to a national level if all qualifications are met and the individual has been selected for a state award. If the nominee advances to a national award, the Triumph Award application posted on the AHIMA web site must be completed.

SDHIMA awards do not prevent a nomination from a single source to nominate an individual directly for a national award. A state award will not automatically be awarded without going through the state award nomination process. National guidelines are followed on a state level to allow for advancement to the national level if selected at the state level.

Nomination Guidelines

  1. All nominees must be SDHIMA members.
  2. The nominator is responsible for assuring that all required documentation is collected for the nominee. Incomplete submissions may adversely impact the committee’s ability to adequately and fully evaluate a nominee.
  3. All supporting documentation must have relevance to specific criteria requirements. The volume of material submitted is not important. Documentation should support what the nominee accomplished and specifically why the nominee is deserving of an award.
  4. Individuals who have previously won a particular award are not eligible to win that award again, even if it has been reformatted. They may, however, be nominated for a different award.
  5. The Achievement Awards Committee will review all nominations for determination of award issuance. If none of the nominees for a particular award reflect the level of achievement expected of an award recipient, the committee reserves the right to recommend that the award not be presented.
  6. Members of the Achievement Awards committee are not eligible for awards during their term of service, even if the service for which they would be nominated occurred prior to their term of service or employment.
  7. All nomination materials become the property of SDHIMA. Materials cannot be returned.

Supporting Materials Required

  1. Nominations must be submitted using the Achievement Awards Nomination Form, which must be completed in its entirety.
  2. Include a narrative summary (200 words or less), written by the nominator, that explains the nominee’s qualifications for the award (please refer to the award descriptions for specific criteria) and why you think your nominee deserves national recognition.
  3. Submit the nominee’s resume or curriculum vitae (required).
  4. Submit other written material, such as articles, project descriptions and the like, only if it supports the specific accomplishments(s) made (e.g. copy page of article or publication.)
  5. Provide two letters of support from others who can elaborate on:
    a. The nominee’s specific accomplishment(s)
    b. How the nominee has met the specific guidelines for the award
    c. Why the nominee is worthy of an award
    d. Letters of support must be “signed” by the author and sent by fax, mail, or via email to authenticate and personalize the correspondence, preferably on letterhead.

Notification of Award

  1. Nominations are due by May 15 to the Awards Committee. All award recipients shall be notified of their award in August of each year.
  2. Awards will be presented at the annual SDAHO convention and also the AHIMA National convention if the award has been forwarded on.
  3. All award recipients are encouraged to be present to receive their award, but it is not mandatory. Recipients of awards may designate an individual to accept the award on their behalf. (Attendance at the convention, registration fees, and associated travel fees are the responsibility of the award winner.)
  4. Awardees will be featured in the SDHIMA newsletter and will be featured in an issue of the Journal of AHIMA and provided with a press release for distribution to media outlets in their local area if awarded on a national level. In addition, award winners will be featured on the SDHIMA web site.

Developed in support of AHIMA 9/2004;
Revised 22805