Continuing Education Funding

Continuing education money is available to active SDHIMA members for the purpose of helping practitioners who are financially responsible for all or most of their own continuing education hours. The continuing education dollars must be used to attend the SDHIMA Spring Meeting.

Criteria have been established by the Education Funding Committee, presented to the board and approved by the membership.  A “scholarship” will be available for two SDHIMA members to attend the Spring SDHIMA meeting.

The scholarship money provided may be used to help with the expenses of the registration fee, meal, lodging, and travel expenses. A maximum of $150.00 will be awarded to two members.

Scholarship Criteria:

  • Must be an active SDHIMA Member
  • Must receive no or partial employer assistance
  • Must be a member of SDHIMA at least two years (showing level of commitment)
  • Must agree to submit an article for upcoming newsletter summarizing highlights of meeting attended.

The scholarship money will be awarded in a lump sum to the recipient at the Spring Meeting. If necessary, the recipient may make prior arrangements with the Treasurer for the scholarship money.

Awards will be given based on:

  • Amount of assistance received from employer
  • Number of years of membership
  • Positions held/committee involvement in State Association
  • Brief narrative of accomplishments, etc.
  • Future goals
  • When, if ever, money was received before from this fund

Records will be kept of those who receive funding and of those who apply, but do not qualify or receive funding. An effort will be made to give preference to those who have not received funds previously (or in the recent past). In no event will funds be awarded to one person more frequently than every two years.

Applications for the scholarship will be included in the SDHIMA newsletter and must be returned as outlined in the registration form.

The selection committee will consist of the Director of Education of SDHIMA, the Treasurer of SDHIMA (each serving during their term on the board), and two members from the Education Funding Committee.

The Treasurer will notify the scholarship recipient(s) at least seven days prior to the due date of registration of the Spring Meeting.

If one, or both, of the recipients is/are not able to attend the Spring Meeting, other applicants may be considered for the scholarship money. This will be at the SDHIMA Board’s discretion.

Revised: September 2005

Prior Recipients:

  • Spring 2002 Recipient: Samantha Mudder
  • Spring 2003 Recipient:
  • Spring 2004 Recipient: Jane Klemme
  • Spring 2005 Recipient: Katherine Andersen-McCarthy
  • Spring 2013 Recipient: Christi Walz