SDHIMA Board Openings Available for the 2017-2018 Year

The following positions will be open for the upcoming 2017-2018 year:


  • Serves as an aid to the president. Oversees groups and special projects. Serves as chairperson of the finance committee. Attends Summer Leadership Conference in Chicago, both as president-elect and president, as well as the fall national meetings to be held in Los Angeles in 2017 and Miami in 2018. Three-year commitment – one year each as president-elect, followed by president and past-president terms.


  • Oversees funds belonging to SDHIMA. Maintains account of income and expenses. Gives financial report at board and business meetings. Serves as a member of the Finance committee. Two-year term.

Director of Public Relations

  • Oversees newsletter committee, marketing and recruitment, promoting Health Information Professionals week. Attends national meeting as a delegate in 2017, as well as Summer Leadership Conference in Chicago in 2017. Two-year term.

If anyone is interested in additional information or would like to run for ones of these positions, please contact Julie (Huwe) Cook at